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Spray Foam Insulation

A person spraying insulation foamSpray foam is a great product that we specialize in. Its ability to air seal and insulate makes it a great tool for difficult-to-seal spaces like stone basements and crawlspaces. It's not prone to mildew and mold, which makes it particularly useful in a basement or crawl space. We use a two-part closed cell foam that is rated at an R-6.9 per inch. The brands we like are Bayseal and Gaco One Pass, both American made foams.

While foam has many attributes it is important to remember that it is manufactured right in your home meaning there are safety concerns during installation.

For example, it is recommended that all occupants be out of the home for 24 hours after the foam is installed to allow the fumes to escape. It is also important that all the components of the installation are working together. This includes: making sure the surface you are applying the foam to is prepared correctly, it must be the right temperature and moisture level. Also, the material must be stored properly and the spraying equipment must be in top form to make sure the mixture is perfect.

A man inspecting roof beamsOnce all of these conditions are met, foam can be great insulation for Maine homes.

The application of spray foam to the ceiling in the picture to the right allowed this Central Maine homeowner to showcase the exposed beams in the cathedral ceiling while benefiting from increased energy efficiency and improved comfort.