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Basement and Crawlspace Treatments

We help keep basements and crawlspaces dry by creating drainage solutions, promoting indoor air quality and home durability for years to come.

Is your basement or crawlspace especially wet in the spring? Many basements have water issues, related to proper drainage.

While we love to insulate and air seal to save energy, finding and stopping moisture problems is always the first step to a healthy and durable home. Our two options are: to stop the moisture on the outside of the basement or the inside.

Basement and Crawlspace Solutions

Water damaged basement tilesThe outside approach to stopping basement moisture is the best option, but requires space, time and a greater investment. The inside method allows moisture to enter the walls or floor of the basement or crawlspace, but diverts it through a perimeter drain that goes to a sump pump. A perimeter interior drainage system prevents basement moisture by keeping the basement dry. These drainage systems are very effective in Central Maine in solving foundation waterproofing problems in basements and crawlspaces.

Promoting Home Indoor Air Quality

When humidity levels are too high, some common household allergens thrive. Dust mite droppings for example are a common allergy trigger, and dust mites populations thrive in moist environments. High mold and mildew counts can trigger an allergic reaction, including sneezing, runny noses, red eyes, and even asthma. Did you know that your basement or crawl space impacts the air quality inside your home? This is because much of the air you breath on the first floor of your home originates from below. Warmer air is more buoyant that than cooler air, thus warmer air comes up through the crawl space and into your living spaces, reducing indoor air quality. This is especially common in the winter during the heating season. The Breathable Home helps solve moisture issues, thus resolving the associated air quality issues. We do this by preventing humidity issues in your basement or crawlspace, for a healthier home. Regardless of the basement moisture solution we use, The Breathable Home aims to make your basement or crawl space dry before we start your energy upgrades. We serve Central Maine, including Augusta, Waterville, Auburn, and Lewiston, Maine to complete energy-efficiency retrofits, while boosting your indoor air quality.

Want to improve indoor air quality and home durability? Contact us today to find out about our wet basement and crawlspace treatments.