Meet The Breathable Home team–working hard to save Mainers from Portland to Skowhegan money on their home heating costs and promote indoor air quality every day! We pride ourselves on staying proactive through continuing education in building science, home performance, and new technologies to improve energy savings.

The Breathable Home is active in various energy and building organizations in Maine regionally and nationally, including the Maine Association of Building and Energy Professionals (MABEP), Maine Indoor Air Quality, the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Central Maine Apartment Owners Association, and the nationally recognized Buildings Professionals Institute (BPI). In addition, several members of The Breathable Home team have completed the Maine Home Performance Weatherization Course, and the Weatherization Technicians course through Maine State Housing.

Bo Jespersen

Bo began in the carpentry business in 1998, but turned his professional attention to weatherization and energy retrofits as the founder and owner of The Breathable Home in 2008. In that year, Bo completed the Building Performance Institute's (BPI) 120-hour Energy Efficiency Technician Program in Rockland, the first such program to be offered in Maine.

As a certified Building Analyst 1 (energy auditor), Bo is an expert in using audit technology to increase the performance of buildings, which results in a more energy efficient and healthier spaces. He is also an Efficiency Maine Qualified Energy Advisor and a state licensed Oil Limited Energy Auditor Technician. Bo lives in Mount Vernon, Maine, with his wife and daughter, is a member of the Mount Vernon Rescue Squad, and enjoys spending time hiking or skiing Maine's mountains.

Nadine Aubuchon

Nadine has been an integral part of The Breathable Home since it began, and continues to be one of our most essential contributors. She expertly uses her detail-oriented skills as our project manager by prioritizing multiple tasks and ensuring timely project completion. She is also responsible for the financial health of our company and manages every aspect of our human resource needs.

While you might not meet Nadine in person, you will realize her dedication to customer satisfaction as she works with you through every step of your project, from contract preparation to coordination of start dates to final rebate submission with Efficiency Maine. Nadine resides in Augusta, Maine part-time, and spends the warmer months at her camp in Palermo, enjoying Maine at its finest.

Brandon Moreau

Brandon has worked with The Breathable Home since 2006, and is one of the finest people you will meet. He is responsible for managing the crews and coming up with creative and effective solutions, whether it is how best to insulate a brand new, high energy-efficient home or a 100-year-old dirt-covered crawlspace with unidentified bone fragments. He is Building Performance Institute-certified and does energy audits to round out his multiple duties.

Brandon, whose integrity cannot be overstated, has become a strong pillar within the company. He is a license electrician and certified to install heat pumps. He lives in Whitefield with his wife, Alicia, and their pets. His favorite things to do include working around the house, playing guitar, heading out to the coast, and brewing up the occasional batch of craft beer.

Brandon Maxim

Also known as B2, Brandon is our top spray foam installer and has earned a reputation for having a positive attitude and dedication to great work. He loves our new spray foam machine so much he has been caught (more than once) singing softly to it when he thinks no one is around! B2 has 3 children and lives with his wife and kids in S. Gardiner, Maine. He enjoys fishing, ATV riding and anything he can do with his family.

Garrett Killen

Garrett has been with The Breathable home for a little more than a year, and has proven to be extremely valuable. He has not only keen insulation and weatherization skills, but has also established leadership qualities. Garrett is a magician with cellulose and insists things are done right the first time. He lives happily in Pittston, Maine with his wife and cats, and spends his free time playing guitar and fixing up his colonial homestead.

In Memory of Leroy Smith, JR.

Leroy was with us less than a year before he tragically died 2014. In that time, we got to know a kind, generous and talented man. During one of the coldest winters on record, he ran our spray foam crew and never complained or showed signs of defeat. After Leroy's death, we were able to witness how many lives he touched with an outpouring of donations and kind words from hundreds of people. With few material possessions, he proved to us that love, kindness and happiness are our greatest gifts. Leroy loved to play music, enjoy time with his friends, and to simply sit down and talk. He is missed, but remains a great and inspirational member of our team.

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