This refers to a home or building that needs to reduce heating and hot water usage by a minimum of 50%. 

It usually involves:

insulation in all the walls, basement, attic and sometimes basement moisture control. It also regularly involves upgraded windows, heating/hot water system, foam insulated panels under siding or beneath roofing shingles and a ventilation system.  These are very exciting to plan and work on!

Let us work with you to retrofit your home- the savings will be incredible and your home will be more comfortable and affordable. (207) 512-2408

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Roy V, Vienna

I recommend Bo Jespersen most highly to anyone seeking the very best in the complex realm of home repairs or renovations. He carries out all projects with a level of expertise and creativity that are reassuring to the homeowner. Bo listens carefully to the needs of his client, and then responds with the utmost in professionally conceived advice regarding the most economical yet effective ways for dealing with the problem. In addition to his finely honed abilities to solve the most challenging construction and refurbishment challenges and his deft facility with the tools of his trade, Bo is also a magnificent teacher who explains the logic of his decisions along the way.