Heat pumps, also known as ductless mini-splits, are gaining in popularity in Maine – and for good reason! They work by extracting heat from the outside air and delivering it throughout your home. In warmer weather, heat pumps draw heat and moisture out of your home and release it into the outdoors. The Breathable Home is a Fujitsu Authorized Installer of air source heat pumps.

Lower Your Heating Bills

Heat pumps offer relief from high winter heating bills in Maine and can now be used not only as supplemental heating systems but can replace the primary heat system. The efficiency of this technology cannot be understated when compared to conventional heating systems. By reversing the heat flow in the summer, heat pumps can double as super energy-efficient air conditioners.

A whole home energy audit can help determine if the installation of a heat pump is a good heating and cooling solution for your home. Sizing and location will be some of the most important factors- so take your time and ask questions!

Seamless Installation Process

Many of our customers seek greater indoor comfort but do not want cumbersome ductwork and mechanical equipment inside the home. The compact and versatile design makes heat pumps easy to install on existing homes, and even allows your home to be zoned for greater comfort. Mini-splits use electricity to simply move heat, not create it. 

Greater Home Comfort

True zoning and comfort are hard to create in some of our Maine homes that were designed to use one central heating system. When feasible, incorporating heat pumps can free up the central heating system to be used only when the temperatures get really cold. This will save money, focus the heat where you spend the most time and save wear and tear on the main heating system. 

Money-Saving Energy Rebates

Efficiency Maine is currently offering a $500 incentive on heat pumps. If the installation is part of a larger home energy efficiency upgrade, it could qualify towards a $2,000 cash incentive.  There is currently also a $300 tax credit from the IRS. The Breathable Home is an Efficiency Maine-registered vendor and we can help ensure that your heat pump and energy efficiency retrofits qualify for these cash rebates.

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