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An Alternative to New Windows

Whether finishing a custom cabinet or pointing out how an uninsulated water pipe is contributing to an ice dam, we firmly believe that details matter, and make the difference between a run of the mill job and truly professional work. We recently visited a house where the homeowner had contacted me to inquire about replacing her home's windows. Under the impression that trashing the (very beautiful and antique) windows and replacing them with high efficiency vinyl models, this (well-intentioned, but misinformed) customer was convinced that to make her home perform appropriately she would need to undertake this several thousand dollar renovation.

A quick scan with an infrared camera revealed that the real problem wasn't really the windows. Although the windows weren't perfect, a much more cost effective solution, would be to remove window trim and add spray foam to the sash weight cavities, and caulk around the outside of the trim of the windows. In the end, the job was much cheaper than replacing all the windows would have been, and equally effective. Our customer was thrilled with the results, and she got to keep her antique windows (which is a good thing, because it would have pained me to have put them in a dumpster).