In our Central Maine climate, homeowners can spend thousands of dollars heating their homes each year. Our goal is to cut your energy bills while promoting home comfort, durability, and indoor air quality. During The Breathable Home energy audit, we pinpoint where your house is losing energy, driving up your utility bills, and reducing home comfort. After the home energy audit, you will be given a written report of our findings and energy-saving solutions.

Our home energy audit is the first step we take to assess how much energy your home consumes and to determine how to make it more energy efficient. An audit will reveal home performance issues, that when corrected can save you significant amounts of money over time.

The Breathable Home Energy Audit

Our energy audit identifies:

  • Where gaps and holes allow unconditioned air to enter and conditioned air to exit your home

  • How well your insulation is performing

  • Combustion safety issues caused from back drafting of toxic fumes

  • If leaks in your ductwork are wasting energy and degrading indoor air quality

  • Structural problems that hinder home performance

  • Inefficient appliances that hog power

  • Opportunities to reduce hot water use

  • If your home is properly ventilated for proper indoor air quality

  • How well your heating and cooling systems are functioning

Energy Audit Tools & Tests

The Breathable Home energy audit will use a variety of energy assessment tools to determine how your home is performing. These tests identify the root cause of inefficiencies and comfort issues, taking a more scientific approach to energy efficiency. The tools we use include the following:

  • Infrared cameras to pinpoint air leaks, insufficient insulation, roofing issues, and more

  • A blower door test that a fan and pressure gauge to determine how airtight your home is

  • A utility bill analysis to observe patterns of energy use over time

  • Energy modeling software to provide estimated savings for energy-efficient projects to prioritize improvements

The very last step should be a test-out after energy efficiency upgrades have been performed. Either the original auditor or another building analyst uses the blower door, infrared camera, and other tools to make sure that the work was effective and that the house is safe. If we complete your energy-saving projects, The Breathable Home will perform a test-out as part of our service to you.


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