Simply put, a free energy assessment is an hour-long walkthrough where we look at how all the systems in your house are performing currently and to determine whether you should undertake a full home energy audit. Typically, a phone consult is all that it takes to determine if a full energy audit is necessary, but for some clients, they prefer the free energy assessment as a way to learn more about what to expect. We'll take the time to discuss your needs in terms of comfort, health, safety and budget. And when we're done, we can determine if an energy audit is a right choice for you. Upgrades done based on an energy audit can qualify towards $2,000 cash incentives from Efficiency Maine.

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Beth N, Chelsea

Steve is a convert! He glowingly talked about how much warmer the house is in the morning, how it retains heat overnite....So, from skeptic to believer.....We are VERY happy with the work. No problems or complaints and I appreciate the fact that you are checking in. Will keep track of wood/oil use next winter.