March 19, 2019
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Dust. It's everywhere, and as hard as we try, we can not completely get rid of it. This, in large part, is because dust is made up of everything from fibers from your clothes and bedding; flakes of dead skin; and particulate matter from your cooking. Not mention your pets, those lovable and living dust factories. And these are just some of the dust components generated from inside your house.

Surprisingly, scientists estimate on average that 60 percent of the dust in your house enters from the outside. Culprits here are drafty windows and doors; air leaks in the attic and basement; and the various vents you have in your house. Furthermore, most of the outside dust enters your house by way of your shoes. No wonder mom always reminded us to wipe our feet!

Other factors relating to the amount of dust you might find include climate, age of house, number of people and pets residing in your home, and whether you live in an urban or rural area. While dust can pose a serious health threat to some individuals, we can all agree it is a nuisance that damages our indoor air quality.

We often get questions from customers on strategies to mitigate dust. Minimizing air leaks in your home is a great start, as is being mindful as to what you're bringing inside from the outside. Mom is right in this instance.

But if air quality remains an issue, we recommend installing Broan fresh air ventilation units. These units economically exchange stale, dirty inside air with fresh, filtered outdoor air on a regular basis.

Let's us know in the comments here if you have any effective dust-battling strategies that you'd like to share with others.

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Phoebe C, Waterville

Bo, Thanks for your note. Nice to know you're thinking of me. I am very satisfied with everything you did. My oil consumption is down from the previous year, but I have not yet figured exactly what the numbers are. I will let you know. No water in my basement during the rain these past couple of days. Hopefully that will hold up during a heavy downpour. Stay well and enjoy these warming temperatures.