April 17, 2019

Even if you have effectively dealt with water entering your home, you still might notice high levels of humidity, typically in the summer months, in your basement and perhaps throughout your home. We have addressed this issue before (https://www.thebreathablehome.com/blog/watch-your-humidity-levels), but have a few additional comments to make.

Humidity Meter Central Maine

Natural air exchange is typically enough to regulate humidity in your home to acceptable levels. But, as companies such as ours work weatherizing, or tightening your home, we might affect the ability for moisture to wash out, which could result in the rise of indoor humidity.

As we work on tightening your home to the outside elements, we monitor our progress with a periodic blower door test. This test tells us if we have reached the lower limits of effective air exchange, at which point we would want to consider adding mechanical ventilation. There are several options, including a balanced Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) system or Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) system. We typically know when quoting the job if this will be needed, so this is not an added expense to the project as it progresses.

Another option we go to often is the installation of an efficient bath fan that is set on a timer that allows it automatically turn on and off throughout the day. This allows us, and you, to achieve proper air exchange at far less cost than installing an HRV or ERV.

If air exchange doesn't effectively control humidity levels, installing a portable or permanent dehumidifier would be the soloution. And, a great side benefit of a heat pump is that when it is in air conditioner mode, is it removes excess moisture from the indoor air.

If you're unsure of your indoor humidity levels, we strongly recommend placing a couple humidity meters, or hygrometers, throughout your home. Feel free to report your levels back to us and we can let you know if there should be a concern.

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