April 10, 2019

OK, so as hard as you try at keeping water from entering your basement, you're not having much luck. Don't worry, there are some solutions to help you kick that water out.

Sump Pump central maine spray foam weatherization dry basement moisture

There are a couple of ways water enters your basement. It can leak in from the bottom of your foundation wall or at the foundation wall/floor connection. Installing perimeter drains that directs the water to a sump pump is a good solution in this event.

Water can also enter your basement from below, referred to as ground water. As the ground becomes saturated with water from rain or snow melt, the water table rises forcing water up through cracks in your basement floor.  Again, perimeter drains leading to a sump pump will usually solve this problem. At minimum, a properly installed sump pump is advised.

For water that seeps in through the basement walls, controlling this water is a little more difficult as it might not always find its way to the perimeter drains. It could pool in places on the basement floor. The best solution here is to waterproof through sealing the wall cracks and applying spray foam.

While we have the capability to install sump pumps and what's necessary for proper drainage, some home owners want to completely waterproof their basement, at least to the extent that some of the older homes can be "waterproofed." This type of work easily exceeds the cost of a sump pump installation by a considerable amount, so it might not be the right solution for everyone. However, we have worked with a few of these companies, seen their great results, and are happy to make recommendations on your needs.

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