June 2, 2016
Basement Crawlspace Humidity

With another gorgeous Maine spring almost behind us, it's time to think about ways to protect our home from the heat and humidity that comes with summer.

A critical component to this is to make sure your basement and/or crawlspace are closed up to reduce the amount of hot air and high humidity that enter those spaces.

We encourage opening up these spaces to the cool, dry air in Spring as a way to reduce mold and elinimate the stale and often stinky air that can build up. But with the onset of summer, when humidity in the outdoor air is higher than indoor air, you run the risk of elevated humidity levels that can promote the growth of mold in these vulnerable spaces.

A rule of thumb we like to follow is to close and seal off these spaces right around Memorial Day. A humidity meter can help determine if you need to also run a dehumidifier during the summer to further reduce humidity in your basement or crawlspace. If you ever notice condensation on your cold water pipes during the summer months, you have elevated humidity levels and should take immediate steps to mitigate the problem.

Then, typically around late September, when the leaves begin to change color, outside humidity levels begin to fall, at which time you can open up your basement and crawlspace again. Just be sure to close up again before the onset of old man winter.

Allowing your basement and crawlspace to breathe when outside air is dry and cool is a healthy approach in maintaining a safe and comfortable home. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions on or need any assistance with keeping your basement and crawlspace humidity levels in check.

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Beth N, Chelsea

Steve is a convert! He glowingly talked about how much warmer the house is in the morning, how it retains heat overnite....So, from skeptic to believer.....We are VERY happy with the work. No problems or complaints and I appreciate the fact that you are checking in. Will keep track of wood/oil use next winter.