March 19, 2020

Energy and Efficiency with Emily is a podcast dedicated to energy efficient home building in cold climate areas of New England. Our own Bo had the opportunity recently to talk with her in depth about heating systems and heat pumps and how they are transitioning into main stream. To hear the podcast in entirety, click here:


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John C., China

Communication with a commitment to customer satisfaction set Bo and his crew apart from the rest. As I sought contractor quotes for insulation I was shocked by those that never returned a call, EVER, or those who wanted to quote my work over the phone. Bo returned my call within a couple hours and set up an appointment to come and examine my project. My early indication that this company was different from the rest: The appointment was for 9:30am and Bo called at 9:10am to say his GPS was indicating he would not be there until 9:37am and he wanted to confirm he was on the way but would be a bit late. Bo took about an hour to look over my project, examine the construction, ask about the intended use, heat source and informed and educated me about several insulation options.