May 27, 2016
Fujitsu Heat Pump | Central Maine

We first conducted an audit on the Meserve residence in 2015 in Manchester, finding it to be well insulated and very air tight, maybe a little too tight. 

Just because a home is well insulated and air tight, (meaning very little outside air enters the home), doesn’t mean it can’t be made to be more efficient, comfortable and healthy.

We installed a Panasonic Whisper Green bath fan with a timer set to exchange air on a regular basis to replace the older, stale air with fresh air. Addressing ventilation problems has a lasting, positive effect on health and overall home performance.

With their home’s insulation in good shape, the Meserves wanted to focus on decreasing their overall energy use and dependency on heating oil. So, in the spring of this year, we completed the installation of two Fujitsu heat pumps, one each on the first and second floors. Not only are heat pumps super-efficient at making heat, they are an inexpensive and reliable way to provide cooling and dehumidification during the summer months.

Fujitsu Heat Pump Heating Cooling Central Maine

The Fujitsu 9RLS3 models we installed are one of the most-efficient heat pumps available today, and have a Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF) rating of 14.5, which is equivalent to an energy efficiency rate of more than 300 percent. The higher the HSPF rating, the more energy efficient it is.

We have learned over the years that, along with proper sizing, location of where the heat pumps are installed is extremely important. In this case, we decided with the owner’s agreement, to locate the heat pumps on the gable end as they allow the heat generated to distribute most effectively in the home. We also moved a thermostat in the downstairs living room to allow the other rooms to get heat when needed. 

Sometimes with a heat pump and thermostat in the same room, the thermostat can be lulled into thinking all the rooms are as warm as the one the heat pump is located in.

Even with the lower cost of oil over the winter of 2015-16, we anticipate the Meserves to save $120 annually on their heating bill, not to mention the additional benefit of a small carbon footprint. But when oil’s price climbs back to the $3.50 range, their annual savings will be $500 or more.

Heat Pump Installation | Augusta Maine

"Last year we had Bo and the Breathable Home team perform an energy audit for our house and started to work through some projects we had hoped to complete,” said Ryan Meserve.  “This year we contacted him again to see about installing two heat pumps to help with some heating and cooling options we had in mind. 

“Again, we were extremely pleased with his professionalism, and the great work his crew performed.  The whole process was well explained, the cost vs. benefit analysis of the heat pumps was thorough, and we are very happy with all aspects of the job."

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Esther & Jim C, Waterville

There is not yet morning sun to warm our home, the hot water, oil-fired furnace is off and our source of comfort comes from two important features of our home that your company has provided. The first is the insulating and air sealing, and the second is the new and excellent Fujitsu heat pump system. We want to commend you and your competent, considerate and hardworking employees for the outstanding effort in making our home energy efficient, warm and comfortable. We will recommend others to investigate the heat pump technology and begin operating their homes more efficiently by contacting you and your company.