May 12, 2016
Insulation Air Sealing Project Winthrop

The winter of 2014-15 took a toll on the Halligan’s roof. Poor insulation led to severe ice damming (and a place for roosting bats during the warmer months). But- with a finished drywall cathedral ceiling in the main living area,  we decided we needed to address the issue from the top down. Their roof was in need of replacement, so we got to work.

The Breathable Home coordinated with Kasie Jo Roofing in December 2015 to have the sheathing removed once the old shingles were gone. This allowed us to attack the insulation from the top so as not to have to deal with the expense and mess of going through the sheetrock from the inside.

We installed 7 inches of high-density spray foam directly on top of the existing drywall. In the areas where the plywood sheathing could not be removed, such as around skylights, we sprayed in dense pack cellulose to plug any voids we could not reach with the spray foam.

Thanks to perfect coordination between the various crews working on the project and agreeable weather, the job was finished on time and on budget. Now, with an insulation rating in the ceiling of R-49 (it was R-25) and a much tighter home (blower door test results went from 4,910 to 2,194 CFM at an air pressure of 50), the Halligans can anticipate a savings of 250 gallons of fuel annually.

Insulation Air Sealing Project Winthrop

"The Breathable Home did a wonderful job on the insulation of our roof. We couldn't be happier," said Jill Halligan. "We have found that the bedrooms are much warmer and tighter. There is a definite improvement from before the upgrade. We haven't even needed to turn on the heat in our two closed-off bedrooms."

Even on what can be considered complicated jobs, solutions can be found and savings can be realized.

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Phoebe C, Waterville

Bo, Thanks for your note. Nice to know you're thinking of me. I am very satisfied with everything you did. My oil consumption is down from the previous year, but I have not yet figured exactly what the numbers are. I will let you know. No water in my basement during the rain these past couple of days. Hopefully that will hold up during a heavy downpour. Stay well and enjoy these warming temperatures.